Should You Paint or Stain Your Fence?

A fence is more than a boundary marking the perimeter of your property; it adds character and curb appeal to your home. Painting or staining your fence can help it to look better and last longer. Many stains and paint products provide protection against rot and wear and tear, but how do you decide which is best? Here we’ll explore the answer to the question should you paint or stain your fence. read more

3 Tips to Select the Right Exterior Paint

When you repaint the exterior of your home, you can make your home the talk of the neighborhood, and it’s important to make the right impression. Unlike an interior paint choice, the exterior paint that you choose will affect every home on your street. This can introduce a great deal of pressure into the decision making process because most people don’t want to upset their neighbors. It’s also important to consider other factors, such as the color of the roofing, hardscaping, and landscaping that will all affect your color palette choices. Let’s take a look at three tips that will help you to make the right exterior paint choices. read more

Product Spotlight: Notable Dry Erase Paint

A great idea can surface anywhere at any time, and we are surrounded by interior surfaces that can help us to realize our ideas by writing them down to share. When you have Notable Dry Erase Paint, you can convert any size wall in an area that is both practical and creative. Opt for either the Notable Clear or Notable White (whiteboard) Dry Erase Paint to transform virtually any painted color wall into a dry erase board. read more

What are Advance Waterborne Alkyd Paints?

Advance is an interior paint product that is created with a 100% water dispersible alkyd formula. This paint uses proprietary Benjamin Moore resins that have been designed to keep the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) low even after the paint has been tinted. This paint formula offers all the benefits of an oil based paint with an up to date water based paint. Let’s take a closer look at Advances waterborne alkyd paints. read more