What is the Difference Between Single Cell and Double Cell Shades?

Cellular shades can be a fantastic addition to any room. They are available in a wide choice of colors, with advanced lift options, and light filtering or room darkening fabrics to provide endless combinations to suit your specific requirements. However, many homeowners struggle to understand the differences between single cell and double cell shades. So, we’ll explore this in more detail here. read more

How to Choose the Right Entryway Paint Color

Your entryway is more than a transition into your home; it can also be used to give your guests a preview of what they can expect inside your home. Creating a functional and beautiful space near your front door will not only welcome any visitors, but also give you a little lift every time you return home. However, this process starts with choosing the right entryway paint color, which is what we will explore in more detail here. read more

Everything to Know About Staining Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you want to create a custom look or breathe new life into your old wooden cabinets, staining is a great option. Fortunately, you don’t need special skills or tools, particularly if you’re staining and finishing your cabinets that aren’t hung. So, here we’ll explore just what is involved in this process, so you can decide if this is a project you want to tackle. read more

Should You Paint or Stain Your Fence?

A fence is more than a boundary marking the perimeter of your property; it adds character and curb appeal to your home. Painting or staining your fence can help it to look better and last longer. Many stains and paint products provide protection against rot and wear and tear, but how do you decide which is best? Here we’ll explore the answer to the question should you paint or stain your fence. read more